In Germans' Eyes

After nine months of study, we had the opportunity to have a cultural tour throughout the country. Wherever we went we were treated warm-heartedly and, at the same time, became focus of local presses. It was a time when the communication between Germany, in particular small regions, and China was rare; therefore, we surprised many locals and were surprised by many differences between them and us.




Shanghai Teachers visited Furtwangen





Chinese Guests in Grasberg

Reception in Town Hall


Shanghai Guests at Kaiserstuhl

The Kaiserstuhl features one of the warmest climates in Germany, with the town Ihringen having the highest average temperature in Germany. This and the good soil make it an excellent place to grow wine. Kaiserstuhl is also a district in the Baden wine region, and has terraced vineyards in the hills.

We toured several wineries, tasted many different kinds of wines, and had conversations with landlords and workers. The German magazine article on the left includes the following incident:

Eine ehemalige Lehrerin erzählte zum Erstaunen der Chinesen, daß sie ihren Beruf aufgegeben habe, um in den Reben zu arbeiten. Daß sie lieber mit den Händen arbeite, als sich dem Druck von Schulbehörden zu beugen und einen Unterricht zu machen, den sie selbst nicht richtig findet.

(The Chinese were surprised when a former German teacher told them that she had given up her teaching profession in order to work in the vineyard. She said that she would prefer to work with her hands than to be pressured by the school administration and teach what she herself did not believe was right.)

We were particularly surprised, for we as Chinese would not give up the teaching profession to become a worker because the teaching profession has higher social status and rank than that of a worker.



Also Over Nights in the Kindergarten in China


Chinese marched along

in Chinese costume

The caption reads:

Das Lächeln des Fernen Ostens brachte diese Chinesin in den Dellbrücker Zoch. Beim Kostüm hielt sie sich allerdings recht streng an jene Kleidung, die man hierzulande Chinesen zuschreibt.

(This Chinese women brought a Far Eastern smile to the Dellbrücker march. She very carefully wore the costume that people in this country imagined that Chinese wore.)



The Symbol of Power and Luck